Monday, December 13, 2010

Barbarellas Interview

I previously posted the fantastic video 'Body Rock' from new group Barbarellas. The single is now invading the UK Club charts and the album 'Night Mode' is also up for release in April. Today I got to speak to the duo about their music,style and all things X Factor.

1 - What did you think of the X Factor Final Last Night?

Edele : Rebecca was incredible! I wanted her to win but I think all four are going to do really well.
Keavy : I was happy Matt won, I felt really bad for him because hes been wrecked and hes not going to get a break now!

2 - If you were starting out as total newcomers again, would you go on a show like the X Factor?

Totally,Theres major exposure and even to get into the top ten is a huge achievement. Its daunting seeing the queues of hudnreds of thousands but to get to the final stages would be amazing.

3 - Girl groups never seem to do that well now, Girls Aloud are on hiatus and Sugababes have pretty much failed. What do you think the public's reaction will be for Barbarellas?

There's defintley room! Girls Aloud and Sugababes have pretty much had their moment,The Saturday's are doing quite well. Would you class us as a girlband?

GC : Not really,I would say your a duo or an act. Girl groups are never really warmed to by the public yet solo girls such as Lady Gaga do really well and are exciting.

Barberellas : Do we excite you?

GC : Very much! Compared to new group 'Wonderland' I think you have 'It'.

Barberellas : They (Wonderland) don't see to be connncting much,the show seems to focus too much on Louis and Co.

GC : Agreed!

4 : You were previously in the group B*Witched and then under the name Miss Lynch - Why the new name?

We always knew we would pick  a new name when it was time to release new music. Miss Lynch was just used as we were touring as we could'nt use the name B*Witched. The movie Barberella is very sexual, confident and impowering - thats how we feel now.Thats what the music says.

5 : What inspires your music?

We've been writing for over three years now.We've grown up and have families now. Its defintley inspired thwe music. We've written everything ourselves.It's all really uplifting.The album is quite upbeat,electro - even the ballads have an electro vibe.There are also a few rock like tracks and a few r'n'b' songs - there all made to get you up and dance.

6 : I love your new style,very high fashion - what style / designers do you like?

Keavy : We have an amazing stylist,Gemma who gets us great stuff. We just did a brilliant shoot and Edele wore a fantastic piece that was then sent to the Black Eyed Pea's Fergie the next day. It was great doing a proper full on shoot again. I also like Ted Baker.

Edele : I love my Topshop and the more high fashion designers such as Alexander McQueen.

7 : Your new video 'Body Rock' is great.What was it like shooting the video?

Amazing, it was fantastic to be confident and sexual and get to throw the guy about. When we first did our debut video as B*Witched we were acting all shy with the boy and this time it was completly different. I dont think we were even allowed to say the word sexual back then!

8 : You had major chart success with B*Witched. Are sales and chart positions important to you still?

Of course! You have  to sell to support yourself and create the music. Back then you had to sell 180,000 copies to get to no.1 Now its about 30,000 - times have changed,its all different. It would be amazing to get into the charts at such a high position.Were also in the club charts already which  is fantastic.

9 : Are there plans to tour?

The album is released in April,if it does well then of course we would love to do performances around the country. Right now the focus is the UK and then hopefully it will be spread over to Ireland,but there will defintley be a digital release over there too.

10 - Finally,what are your plans for Christmas?

Were spending it together! Families together for a big christmas dinner. (At this point the girls are so hyper I can't make out which is which and can't stop laughing at their jokes) Apparently I have to make a turkey and thats so not my thing!

The girls laugh hysterically and joke and we all wish each other a happy christmas!

I found the girls to be charming and funny,down to earth and very friendly. I wish them the best of luck with thew album and can't wait to hear it. The single is out in Jan and the album and second single (both 'Night Mode') are out in April.


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