Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Rio Girls Interview

I posted about 'The Rio Girls' a few weeks ago. Since then they have blown up all over the internet with 100,000's of views, a fast growing fanbase and been attracting a serious amount of media attention. And that was before their video for 'Neon Lights' was even fully released! I got a chance to talk to the girls about their inspiration, style, future plans and music.

 1 : First off, Congrats on the success so far! Now for everyone wondering, who exactly are 'The Rio Girls'?

Thank you!!
The Rio Girls are Mary Brixton, Jackie Hide and Bonnie Strange. We all used to work in the fashion industry as models, stylists, photographer.So there is a big passion for clothing in us, especially the 80s in all its ways!
We three are friends for many years and know each other from studies and work and since we first met  we are stuck  together like chewing gum ;)

2 - How did the group come together, are you a manufactured band (not always a band thing) or did you three start the band yourselves?

The whole project is a self made thing. The team of the producers, songwritter, management - all those people are friends of us who share the same passion for it. Personally we dont really like  manufactured bands, most of the time they are missing the passion for the art and the music- their own character . Big major labels most of the time tend to be very pushy with their own opinion. ''The Rio Girls'' was just a fun idea for us three at the beginning. Just to do something that brings us joy and were we can be able to show life and the music in a self ironic way as we see it. And of course to share the our passion for arts, the music and fashion in one way.

3 - Your are obviously inspired by the 80's - which music acts in paticular inspire you all?

Its difficult to name just a few, because the 80s have been so colorful, so variable in their acts, so revolutionary. We get inspired by all of them , different little pieces from different acts and mix those.
If we would have to name some , it would be for sure Madonna back then, the legendary girls of Mister Palmer, INXS, Depeche Mode and many more.

4 - Tell me about Neon Lights – what is it all about and what are the plans for the video and single?

''Neonlights" is the first song which will be followed by more song. It is like the first step into our world.
It is not only a flat song , that is supposed to be a catchy tune , it also has a message and meaning behind it.
It is about independent women/ people that should stay strong no matter what , to live for the moment and to not care about what others say. To drown in music and just set free.With the video we wanna bring the people back to the colorful art of the 80s, their ice-cold attitude and their self-irony.

5 - The styling in the video and photo shoots so far are incredible, do you style yourselves or work with a team? Where do you source the fantastic 80's outfits?

YEEES! :) coming from the  fashion industry thats our thing totally. All the outfits you've seen so far in the video and in the pictures are 100% self made, except the coats. Inspired by 80s collections like YSL, Dior, chanel.  The 80s were so revolutionary, this decade was full of colors, passion, new ideas, art. crazy people, great artists, that just felt free and tried new things. WE LOVE THE WHOLE ATMOSPHERE.
Sometimes it feels like now there is not anymore this feeling of freedom, just like people are not able to do what they want to and show it.

6  -  If I went to see The Rio Girls Live - what should I expect?

With our gigs we wanna take the people into our world. let them be part. So we will be working with visuals, dancers our band and many more things. So it becomes more something like a show, then just a gig.
And of course a big party! :) We have gigs coming up next month.

7  - You have gotten a great online reaction so far in the UK and Ireland - are you interested in promotion here in the future?

Of course we are, we don't want to concentrate only on one country , this would be too boring for us ;) ....
So anywhere where people like our music, we go.

8  - The video is now being released, what plans do you have for the release and promotion?
We are not signed yet with a major, which we decided in purpose, because we want to avoid to be changed by them. So neonlights we are bringing out independently .  So for now we are using the internet as our promotion base. and so far  its working so nicely. Thank you modern technology! The following singles most probably will be promoted with a label.

9 - Will there be an album? And what can we expect?

We have already more songs and we are still working on much more. So when these songs are also successful like neonlights, then for sure there will be an album. We are already more then happy with that what is happening right now and we cant wait to see what the future brings.

10 - To end things, Is there anything you would like to say to fans?

We just wanna say that we are blushing about every single compliment and we are so happy for all the support they gave us already.We enjoy what we do, but if the people enjoy it too, it feels like eating the best ice cream of your life with a big cherry bonus on top!!! There will be much more following and we r looking forward to this time!!!

Neonlights is released Feb 18th! Check out the stunning video below!

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