Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Alternative Miss Ireland 2011 Update

 This week is one of the most crazy,stressful,exciting,incredible weeks of my life - and its Tuesday! - and its these emotions and adjectives that will sum up next Sunday ... I will finally step into the world that is Miss Alternative Ireland. There is glitter, wigs, heels, make up and sets all over my apartment and rehearsal space and it can only get crazier. I have so far traveled from Limerick to Dublin to meet with designers, my amazing drag mentor Veda and then up to Sligo to meet with make up artist Michelle Anderson. Back home again I'm working my lil' bum off to piece everything together! Sleepless nights, high packed adrenaline and nerves sum up how I feel right now! But I'm so excited ... I'm just going to keep on going and will give another update later in the week! Below is a film of the show from over the years - Its a much bigger show today so its great fun to have a look back!

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