Friday, April 1, 2011

Candy Warhol At Miss Alternative Ireland 2011

A few weeks my alter ego 'Candy Warhol' or 'Miss Candy Warhol Calin Machine No.8' as she was on the night, took to the stage for three dramatic rounds at Miss Alternative Ireland 2011. The show this year had a fantastic futuristic theme with a jaw dropping backdrop of giant size hairspray cans, lipsticks, injection needles and dazzling lights to please the 1500+ cowd at Dublin's Olympia.

The best queens in Ireland opened the show with a mental rendition of 'The Lion King''s 'Circle Of Life' before Panti gave her annual speech which sounded hilarious as I listened to it in my dressing room monitor while running around,screaming,laughing,crying,doing interviews,going over routines and being covered in glitter - of course.

'Spraying more glitter on my dancer Aine Dempsey'

That image was the first time the audience saw me ... I almost had a heart attack with excitment and nerves behind that infamous backdrop. With a total black 'where I downed four shots' Candy Warhol and The Mannequins were announced and the music began to thump and echo and before I knew it the backdrop flew up and I spat vodka and coke everywhere and screamed in terror that I was not ready to come out of my machine as my dancers (dressed as run down versions of Candy' grabbed me and played me like a puppet before I got them cut and possessed them while doing a strange version of 'Dance In The Dark'. Lovely.
'Photo by Peter Fingleton' <3

That first experience on stage was both thrilling,terrifiying and a complete blur. The three minutes flashes by quickly and before I knew it I was run off stage to get press shots done and was given 5 minutes to do a complete outfit change and get ready for the interview round! The swimwear round was very strange - music chairs (actually fluffy mats) was played and everytime a contestant lost they had to awnser their question. I decided to dress as a strange looking unicorn (as you do) complete with 2 metre hair tail and cone and huuuge lashes courtesy of the fantastic Michelle Anderson. I came fourth (my stupid shoe fell off) and I cant even remember what I was asked because of the terror!

I then had to change quickly again and get my ten dancers ready for the last round. The first round was set in a modern version of Andy Warhols factory where Candy was created. The last round's narrator declared it was now my toy factory and I was ready to perform. The set included two large spray painted murels of Candy created by Steve O Donnell and changing screens from an old mental hospital plus a Tim Burton like doll box with Disney characters nailed in.

I stepped out of the box to the eerie sounds of a choir and piano which then launched into the intro of 'Sexy! No No No' by Girls Aloud ... as the tensions built the lights flashed and we performed 'Candy Warhol (Barbra Streisand remake) and Britney 3 blared as I danced out of control and eventually exploded (confetti and paint ahoy!). I was then lifted by my dancers and went flying into the photographer pit ... may of gotten in some trouble but it did look fabulous.

'These two photos were taken by camers incorporated into the set' - arty eh ; )

For the final walk out I wore an AMAZING gown from Dublins Claire Garvey. Stunning!

The eight of us were lined up to be told the winner (shakes shakes shakes) was 'Mangina Jones' (pictured with myself below). The loss however was softned when they created an award for myself randomly 'Best Stunt' and I got a nice aul' bottle of Absloute Vodka which I happily drank that night before heading to the after parties!

Now sob sob I just want to say A HUGE thank you to my dancers - you were all fantastic,I love you all so much! Michelle Anderson, just so gifted as is Alan (photos above = amazing) and everyone who supported me and took care of me on the day and night including my lovely boyfriend,I love you ... and a big thank you to my brilliant mentor Veda,thanks mama - thank you all !! : )

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