Thursday, April 28, 2011

Laurie Lipton Interview

 I recently found Laurie Lipton's startling,dark and striking work online and I was blown away. Originally from the States, Lipton has lived all over Europe working on projects including collaborations with All Saints and has been praised by The Guardian,The Times and Artweek. This week I asked Lipton a few questions . . .
1 - You began sketching at a young age, growing up what inspired you?
Fear. Anger. I was a Perfect Little Girl growing up in a Perfect Little Suburb outside of New York and didn't know what to do with the anti-Disney feelings growling inside of me. My art saved me from implosion.
2 - Can you remember what you would sketch when you were little and if so, is there any similarities to your work now?
I made cowboys & Indians slaughtering each other and bombs falling on battle fields and lots of blood, guts & gore. My work is more sophisticated now, but the fear & anger are still there.
3 - You have spent a lot of time living in Europe and the influence can be seen in your work, growing up in America was there something about Europe and the art created there that you were attracted to?
I read lots of books written by Europeans and adored lots of art created by Europeans. When I finally came to Europe in my early 20's it was like coming home. 
4 - Your drawings are haunting,dark yet in some of them there is a little humour - where do your ideas come from?
My ideas all stem from my emotions. I think in imagery. I thought this was normal until my mother explained to me that most people think in words. When I get a strong feeling, it is always accompanied by a picture. This is why I never run out of ideas. As for the humour... it's a New York Jewish thing. We tend to find everything slightly absurd and ridiculous... even horror.
5 - Many of the people or characters you draw are female and there are some feminist elements in some of your drawings, would you describe yourself as a feminist at all?
I would describe myself as a Humanist. Men & women suffer in equal measure. Being alive is an odd, weird, wonderful, excruciating journey for everyone.
6 - Was there a recent time that you can remember in which an item or place really inspired you?
Always. I'm always being inspired... especially by the idiocy and insanity paraded on News Broadcasts by the people in power.
7 - Are you working on anything in paticular now?
I am moving back to the USA after 36 years in Europe. I'll be doing a series of works about it for 2012. I also have another book about my work coming out. To see what's happening in more detail, you can go to & click on "News"
8 - The world of fine art can be very difficult and fickle, do you have any advice for students and up coming artists?
Yes. Get a job as a CEO of a large corporation. It's an easier life and you'll be able to support yourself.

A thank you to Lipton for her time to talk to me . . . Visit her site now for more works.

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