Monday, June 13, 2011

Gina G Interview

You weren't a proper 90's kid or pop fan if you didn't love Gina G. Her no.1 single 'Ooh Aah Just  A Little' blew up everywhere including the 1996 Eurovision. Her fantastic album 'Fresh' spawned four top 20 hits in (the UK. Gina returned a few years later and scored a massive dance hit in the UK with 'Tonight's The Night' (My personal fav) and her second album 'Get Up And Dance'. After having two children Gina is now back again with her new single 'Next 2 U' so I wasted no time in chatting to her.

1 - Gina, Congrats on the new single, its great! Where did the song come from and what’s the story behind it?

Thank you, I’m really happy with how it turned out and glad you think its great.
I originally worked on a demo version a while back. My long time co-writer John Collins and myself thought it was the right song and the right time. Billy Pace also co-wrote it with John and myself, his claim to fan, can you believe it; is Celine Dion’s biggest album “Lets Talk About Love”?
Duane Morrison produced and wrote the track as well and his claim to fame was Madison Ave’s “Don’t Call Me Baby”. It was an eclectic bunch but it all fell into place. I love it and think it’s very Gina G 2011.

2 - 'Next 2 U' is the first single since 'Tonight's The Night' in 2006, what have you been up to since and did you miss performing or welcome a break?

Straight after “Tonight’s The Night” I had my second child. That put my music on hold while I was raising my two amazing kids. I love performing but a family is a full time job. Now they are older and at schooI I can balance the two a lot better. I can’t wait to get back out there and start performing “Next 2 U” and giving back to my loyal fans.

3 - Your currently based in L.A. - Do you consider it home now?

I’ve been living in LA since 2005, so I do feel like it’s my home but I will always have a fondness for the UK. I mean that’s where it all started for me. Now finally there is an American pop explosion I feel like I’m in the right place.

4 - Your a bit of a UK sweetheart and there is a lot of support there and people that want to see you, what are your plans for promo in the UK?

As soon as we get the “Next 2 U” remixes to the Clubs & DJs, I’m sure there will be a demand for lots of live performances from me. I can’t wait!

5 - 'Next 2 U' is the current single, can you give me some little details about the video?

Actually I’m with the editor right this minute. Don’t expect “Tonight’s The Night”, or any similarities to any of my other videos. I am an independent label and it’s a self-funded release, so we have a financial budget to stick to. At this stage of the game it’s way too risky to do a J-LO budget video. Saying that, it’s very cute and fun. And I’m proud of it

6 - When it comes to your style and image, what or who inspires you?

Hollywood glamour has always inspired me and always will.
I love, love, love, Fergie. She is great singer, great performer and she’s isn’t a spring chicken. She rocks!

7 - You’re also now a brunette! Great look, why the change?

Two kids say no more. Plus it was time for a big hair change and I love it.

8 - Your first album 'Fresh!' is a pop classic while 'Get Up & Dance' is more dance and electro pop, will there be a third album or second single and what kind of sound are going for?

Definitely there will be follow ups this time. Digital has made that possible. The sound will be slamming poptastic-fantastic with a hard edge. They will get you on the dance floor that’s for sure.

9 - You’re recognized as Eurovision royalty now, what do you think of the show now and did you watch it this year?

The show was fantastic and yes I watched it. I was mind blown by the sets and production. If it had of been like that when I represented Britain I think I might have had a better chance of winning. But hey 7th isn’t bad and it landed me at number one in the UK, so I am super happy to have been a part of it.

10 - Having been successful in the 90's and 00's, what do you think of the current pop acts and is there anyone that you like?

I love the current pop acts. I especially love, Taio Cruz, Bruno Mars and anything by Pitbull. As a Producer, I love Dr Luke; I would kill to work with him. It’s a great time for music.

11 - How are you handling being a mother now and do they understand about Gina G the popstar as opposed to Gina the mom? 

They are only 3 and 7, but my boy loves anything that’s 4 on the floor and therefore loves my music. They haven’t asked for autographs just yet, ha ha. They don’t ask the question, “Why is Mummy on the TV and Radio?” They just accept it. Mummy is just mummy and I love that.

12 - What are you current plans for the rest of the summer?

Writing recording & production repeat, repeat, repeat. Maybe a two-day vacation in there.

13 - Finally, you have a strong fanbase out there, is there anything you would like to say?

I have got so much to say to my loyal, supportive and patient fans out there. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and go download the song a million times. Ha ha. Just kidding. The most important thing I want to say to my fans is that I wouldn’t be doing this right now if it weren’t for you. I love you.

Gina G's new single 'Next 2 U' is now available on Itunes and you can visit her official website and check out the newly released video below.

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