Monday, September 26, 2011

Le Disko Bloodabath! 2011

The last two weeks I have been busy putting together the latest Gutter Candy event! 'Le Disko Bloodbath!' is the latest event and will take place on the 29th of September at Dolan's Warehouse Limerick! This is the fourth Bloodbath in the last two years and is set to be the biggest so far! The show will be headlined by the fantastic Veda, Ireland's top queen with a top ten album under her belt and a stunning set prepared for everyone.

The show will be opened by the beautiful Vonna Nolan and her beautiful boys that make up 'Return To Sender'. Limerick top rock/pop bands will be playing a live set and its going to be a great way to start off the night!

My alter ego Candy Warhol will host the show along with Dublin's faux queen Tallulah Boom Boom! We will also perform a number or two for the crowd! Another Dublin queen, Blaithnead McGee, who is a resident in Panti Bar, will be performing on the night! 

More live music will come from Skinni Colin, infamous for his antics of stage,the crowd loved him last year so we thought we would let him out of the cage! One of my favourite club kid queens, Dorian Gaye will be playing a mix of Electro/Pop/80's & Dubstep on the night as well as performing a bat shit crazy number for everyone!

We just added the UL Dance Society to the lineup, the girls will be performing along with Limerick's Connie Liebe and I'm looking forward to what they come up with!

We have a few more surprises on the night! Tickets are only 8euro or 5euro if your a student! Bargain!

Visit us on Facebook! :!/event.php?eid=130885453676043

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