Monday, February 6, 2012

Alisa Summers Interview

 With everyone gearing up for round 2 of Rupaul's Drag Race Tonight I spoke to the stunning Alisa Summers about her stint and thoughts on the show, her drag beginnings and her ambitions for the rest of the year.

1 - Alisa, Condraguations on making the show....the first episode just aired,what was it like watching it all back?

So crazy. The entire experience was so surreal. To see myself on my favorite tv show--there are no words!

2 - It always sucks for the first girl to go, does that just make you more determined to really go for it?

Oh, absolutely!  I am very driven and I saw how my lip sync looked on tv. I'm a high-energy girl, so I can't wait to see my fans on tour and show them what Alisa is about!

3 - The show is a huge platform for queens and previous girls have all done very well for themselves, what are you goals now?

I want to do everything!  I want to make music, I want to travel, I want to do more tv work. I loved being on the show and I know that's the business I want to be in.

4 - Before drag race you have done extremley well for yourself,winning a lot of pageants. Would you consider yourself a pageant queen?

I love pageants. Forcing myself into pageants really helped me amp up my personal drag style. I don't consider myself a pageant queen though, I consider myself a show queen!

 5 - Your a regular performer in the Tama Bay area, is this where you first started?

Yes!  I have been in Tampa for my entire drag career. I love it here. The drag scene (and the gay scene) is absolutely thriving here!

6 - At the premier for drag race Rupaul said that you group of girls are the first generation of drag queens who have evolved while watching the show. Was this the case with you?

Completely. I am a huge fan of the show. There is a pattern that goes along with the show, and I watched as much of it as I could before we began filming.

7 - Watching season four now who do you think will excel amongst the group?

I am now rooting for Phi Phi, because we have similar drag styles, and also for Latrice because she has been my sister for years!

8 - Do you feel like your character fully came across on the show or do you wish you did more?Perhaps you could pull a Shangela next year!

I do wish America could have seen more of Alisa. I have lovely things and have a lot in me to give. I would absolutely love to be on next season ;)

9 - What and who are your main inspirations for Alisa Summers?

When I started, I styled myself off of my favorite pop stars of the time (Pink, Janet, etc.). Now, I draw inspiration from everywhere and everyone. I love to grow and learn in the business.

10 - Your going to be a busssy drag queen this year ... what have you lined up for next few months and where can people hear from you?

My your calendar is filling up. Make sure to keep up with me on my fan page ( and on Twitter (@alisasummers). I love to chat with my fans, so make sure to follow me!

A big thank you to Alisa Summers and Jason from Logo!

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