Saturday, May 15, 2010

Down to buisness with Geraldine . . .

Geraldine O' Callaghan came to the nation's attention this year as the star of tv3's,'The Apprentice'.With her quick wit,brains and charms,all mixed with the famous Dublin City attitude,Geraldine stole the show and had the best one liners.Ranking in the top 3 amongst the contestants,Geraldine has been working hard since the show and has gone onto do great things . . today we spoke about her career,style and tips for nights out . . .

1 - Do you have any favourite designers or brands at the moment?

I'm loving Mischa Barton handbags, they are quirky &  boho(ish)
Also Kurt Geiger shoes. And right now the dress jewlellery available in Penny's at the moment is amazing...... and soooooo cheap!

2 - Where is favourite spot to pick up clothes and any reccomendations? 

I love Topshop & Urban Outfitters, but I also love to find little gems in charity shops. There are some great ones on Georges st. But the best place in the country for charity shops is Enniskillen, you can find some great designer stuff in the charity shops up there.

3 - What item can you not go a day without? 

HEELS!!!!!!!!!!! I always feels so much better in my heels.

4 - Whats your must have items on a night out? 

again, Heels. I wouldn't dream of going to a pub/club without my highest heels. Aside from the fact that I cant dance in flats (weird, I know) but I feel so short in the crowd without them.
5 - Do you have a favourite club or bar to go to and where would you reccomend? 

Does it have to be in Ireland? There's disco bar called Mojitos in Alicante that I love to go to when I'm there. Here I like The Wright Venue and Lillies.

6 - Do you have a style icon or a certain trend that influences you? 

I always love what Sienna Miller wears. Also my mam, she's so stylish and always looks really elegant. My mam show me alot about dressing appropriately for age, height, size. I believe this was you'll always look well no matter the cost of your outfit.

7 - Have you gotten any freebies or invites after the show that you were delighted with? 

Yup!! I left duty free with two big bags full of samples and freebies one time. I had a grin from ear to ear walking around the airport. Also an invite to the TV Now Awards, yay!

8 - What have you been up to since the show? 

I've just launched the Parkside Private Members Card Club & Casino in Mulhuddart so will be hostessing there. Also Im a regular pannelist on Midday TV3. And have become an ambassador for Temple St. Children's Hospital so I've committed to raising €15, 000 for them, so all donations welcome!!

9 - While filming the show,you always looked very put together. Was it difficult to get ready quickly in the mornings and maintain a look while worrying about the tasks on hand?

I always planned what I was going to wear the night before because with the rush in the morning it just wasn't possible. Make-up was kept to a minimum because I was too stressed to care to be honest. Put together you say? I say sometimes I felt like I'd been pulled through a hedge backwards!

10 - Your now infamous for the line,'Daddy cant buy you cop on in trinity' . . . how do you feel about this catching on so much? 

Haha, Madess! Its just snowballed hasn't it, I think its hilarious the things people pick up. You should hear half of the stuff I come out with when Im drunk!

11 - You are also now a bit loved by the gay community in Ireland - what do you think about that and are proud? 

Really? Yay!!!! I can die now. haha
No, on a serious note. Im honnored if this is true. I have many gay friends and some gay family members so the gay community is something in my heart & that I feel really close to. Also they party the hardest so, Im there!!

12 - Finally, any plans for a t-shirt line of your famous quote? 

Ahhh, your giving me ideas now!! hehehe

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