Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Top Model : Laura Kirkpatrick

American model Laura Kirkpatrick's career is on the rise.She stood out in cycle 13 of,'America's Next Top Model' and made it all the way to final finishing in second place to her friend Nicole Fox.After the show she was voted favorite amongst the fans [and in return won a New York apartment for six months],has continued to model and has set her sights on ruling the runway.

Today I spoke to her about her career as a model,charity spokesperson and everything in between!

1 - You were well know on the show for being family orientated and for your grandmother making some of your clothes . . was your family an influence on you when it came to being interested in fashion?

Me and my Grandma Sue would always make clothes together and people would say that I was wearing things before they arrived in the town. Comfort was also important, living in a farm!

2 - Growing up,who inspired you?
My grandmother and mom. I always went to one of them when I needed advice they are both strong independent women.

3 - When you finished the show was getting work as easy or difficult as you thought it would be?
Well as a model it will always be a struggle especially being a short model. But top model definitely has helped me. I'm a working model now, but I know I haven't risen to the peak of my carer. But I will one day.

4 - Do you think taking part in the show helped or made if difficult when doing castings and if so why?

Well it's a little bit of both ,'what if your a girl that had a bad rep'?. .I can imagine that it could hurt them. As for me I haven't had it hurt me. People that haven't seen Americas Next Top Model just think it's a reality show, they don't know how hard us girls try to grow as models and how bad we want those contracts.

5 - Who would you love to work with and why?

RALPH LAUREN I love him! I think my look is perfect for him and It would make my life to model for a man so wonderful and classy. Also there are so many more it's impossible to name them all!

7 - What does it feel like to know that millions around the world know your name and rerecognizeour face?

At first it didn't sink in in till I suddenly I was surrounded by a ton of fans. I went into a store and was in there for over an hour singing auotographs. It realy sunk in when I won fan favorite because people around the world voted for me!

8 - Do you have any upcoming projects or plans for the summer and future?

Oh yes, I'm starting my own foundation it's called Kirkpatrick and Burton Bluegrass Dyslexic Foundation, or The KBBD foundation for short. KBBD is about fouceing on spreading awearness and haveing suport groups for dyslexic students and keeping them in school. It's going to help so many students be able to secussed in their life. You can learn more at the fan page or my blog laurasmodellife.com And of course there will be lots of modeling!

9 - Was it difficult being filmed 24/7 and trying to look the part all the time?

At first yes, it was so weird, im thinking "oh my gosh im just doing my thing and these people are filming it." after awile you forget their even there and you go on like its normal. You forget to put make-up on or dress up because in your head " its just a casual day eating cereal in pj's" when I went home it felt weird not having the cameras on me it felt to quite and cut off from the world.

10 - Who do you still have contact with from the show if any?
I talk to Jenn nearly every day but I keep in contact with about all the girls and a month ago nicole stayed with me for a mounth it was nice to have her in my home!

11 - Where is your favourite destination and do you have plans to work abroad?

I have a current offer for fashion week abroad, but I dont want to jinx it because the details are not worked out but ill keep you posted ;) I love to travel and see myself doing a lot of it in the future.

12 - Would you like to come to Ireland and what is your idea of the country?

I would love to! I'm part Irish and the country is so beautiful, I would love to explore it and I have acualy been thinking about planing a trip.So send some travelling suggestions my way! I picture Ireland as a lush land - so cute!

13 - Song / Album for the summer playlist?

Lady Gaga so we can dance all night!

14 - Favourite summer drink : alcholic and non alcholic?

well I just got back from hawaii so I had many fruity summer drinks but my favorite is a mojito non alcholic drink is a milk shake they are my forever favorite!

Visit Laura's blog for more information and updates! http://www.laurasmodellife.com/

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