Monday, June 28, 2010

Jessie & The Toy Boys Interview

Please welcome Jessie & The Toy Boys. This new band is about to storm the charts with their infectious 80's inspired synth pop hooks,catchy melodies and smarter than your average grade A student lyrics. Formed by former solo singer Jessie Malakouti, this new group is being touted as the next big thing and I can see why. Today I spoke to lead singer Jessie about touring,recording,her boys and what we should expect from this sparkling pop star.

As Jessie Malakouti you had already begun a successful start in the music industry. Explain your decision to form Jessie and the toy boys?

I'm very visual as an artist, especially when writing songs. I try to visualize the music, and one day while writing a song I was imagining a video for it and saw the ToyBoys in my head... I made mood boards filled with ideas and details from how they would dress to what their favorite colors were... It all started spiraling from there and I got to work on creating the concept for the band photos with my good friend and photographer Maria Carmel.

Is there a big change in the music and peformances now that you are in a band?

I am already toying (No pun intended ) with all kinds of wild ideas for the live show incorporating my new band mates.  It's gonna be bananas! Lots and lots of dancing for sure.

Your songs have appeared in The Hills and your song 'Standing Up For The Lonely' has appeared on various albums - what is like  hearing your music on such recgonised outlets?

It's the most amazing feeling ever. I want to share all of my songs with my fans, there is no point in writing them to just let them sit in your computer.

How was writing with the famous Xenomania ?

Writing with Xenomania was a wonderful experience. I grew tremendously as a writer and learned a lot about who I am as a person. The best part was being able to live in London for a year and take in a completely different culture. 

Tell me about your experience touring with The Saturdays?

The tour was so much fun. It was actually the first time I had ever played live as a solo artist. I'm happy my show was so well received and thrilled that I got to meet some of my fans in person :) The Sats are also really lovely girls. 

Your new songs are fantastic . . there is a strong 80's electro feel to them . . where do you get your inspiration?

Different things really, Robots, red lipstick, neon lights, conversation with strangers, love, war, books, 80's icons like Debbie Harry and Dale Bozzio...

What music did you listen to growing up?

A little bit of everything, I was really into Mariah Carey's early stuff, songs like "Dream Lover" and "Always Be My Baby" for their big pop hooks... But loved the lyrical honesty of artists like Alanis Morissette and the attitude of bands like Letters to Cleo and Nirvana. 

Explain your style and fashion . . .

I love mixing classy with trashy. Pearls with sneakers, Red lipstick with shredded denim... I would say the best way to describe my style is Marilyn Monroe meets Grand Master Flash. 

Brilliant. Jessie and her boys are busy working on their new album and have songs available to listen on their new website -  Stay tuned for more news on the group.

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