Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Celia Ammerman Interview

Today I got to interview one of my favourite models of all time.Celia Ammerman appeared in the 12th cycle of America's Next Top Model and stood out for her brilliant style,quirky looks and fierce personality. Since then Ammerman has appeared in Italian Vogue,Allure,Seventeen and currently works for Prada in New York.

You have a huge passion for the fashion industry,where did this stem from? 

I put on my mothers wedding dress and fell into a character; Some sort of altered state of happiness. I knew going forward it would be difficult to achieve such bliss around anything other than clothes.
Growing up what were you like and what were you interests?

I was terribly nerdy, but I embraced it, maybe because I was oblivious to it. I had disturbingly bad acne, immersed in both marching and concert band, wore Atari tee shirts, collected stamps, money and action figures. Total babe magnet.
At what age did you think about becoming a model and how did you begin putting your plans into action? 

My P.E. teacher told me to claim 'model' as my career choice for our 7th grade yearbook (as I had left it blank). It wasn't until I hit college when I really started taking every local modeling gig I could get my hands on: Runway, showroom, department store appearances; nothing was below me.
Your style is incredible and its very strong,have you worked as a stylist before or thought about doing so?

Awww, thanks! Complimenting my style is like complimenting my child-I take it ultra personally! :) I work for Prada and essentially I'm styling anyone from bankers and lawyers to celebrities and ornithologists.

Where do you draw your influences from when it comes to style and what designers do you favour? 

It's rare that I fall head over heels for a piece without seeing it on. I love well tailored, classic pieces that don't explore the world of boring. Classic with a unique, often quirky twist.
Your experience on America's Next Top Model has helped you get your name out their quite a bit,do you feel positive about your time on the show? 

I wouldn't trade it for the world! My two most favorite people derived from the show-Allison and Kortnie-and I think, as silly as it may sound for a reality show, I really became a stronger, confident person because of it.

What have been some of the best modeling and career highlights in the last few years? 

A surreal and random encounter with a photographer on the streets of SoHo asked if I could shoot for a magazine in a studio nearby. Skeptical but intrigued, I asked for ID, credentials, etc. He took me to a loft filled with a makeup artists, hairdressers, craft service, and assistants. Shocked and delighted, I shot. Two weeks later i was in Italian Vogue. I also really enjoy showroom modeling. Getting paid to play dressup?! Sign me up!

Where are you based at the moment and what is life like for you? 

I live in Manhattan and I've never been happier. I work for Prada, am a fashion contributor, and model when I have time.
Do you think that modeling is a form of escapism? 

So many of the best models were under dogs and misfits as teens and then they excel in front of the camera - do you think there is a link? interesting approach, but not necessarily. Sounds like an excellent case study!

''I'm still a little shy and awkward but sometimes rely on my clothes to speak for me. I'm obsessed with researching designers and analyzing street style from all over the world. I have an unconventional look and am a huge nerd. I just happen to be somewhat attractive.''
What are working on right now and are there any plans for the next few months?

Being saturated in the world of fashion. It's right where I belong.

A big thank you to Celia for the interview!

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