Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sherry Vine Interview

Today I got to interview world renowned drag star,Sherry Vine. Vine performs all over the world,from the US to Germany and has starred in a large number of theatrical productions,has produced countless music video parodies which have received 100,000's views online and has received many awards and praise from critics and fans.

1 - Tell me about your character and where the inspiration for Sherry Vine came from?

Sherry Vine started as a joke, just to run around the clubs and have some fun. Then I started performing and here I am! I've been inspired by so many; Carol Burnett, Debbie Harry, Pam Anderson.

2 - How do you feel when you transform into Sherry Vine ?

For me it's a costume for the character. I love it and it's fun but I don't hang around the house in drag. I feel confident when I'm "Sherry".

3 - Is there a big difference between your male form and Sherry Vine?

I think so... Keith is reserved and laid back and Sherry is all over the place. lol

4 - How do people react when you become Sherry Vine?

Depends - people can be very aggressive and mean and others can be very supportive and happy!

5 - Do you think that Drag could be considered an art form?

There's no question about that - drag IS an art form. It's an ancient art form actually.

6 - Growing up were you always attracted to dressing up and playing characters?

Yes but all characters. One day a policeman, the next Mom, the next a rock star!

7 - What was your first performance like and have you changed much since then?

The first show I sand Black Coffee as a down and out ex- Las Vegas show girl. So the style has evolved but the core is still there.

8 - What have been some of the best experiences so far?

Having other people pay for me to fly all over the world and perform and meet amazing people!

For more of Sherry Vine visit her official website :

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