Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Alaska Thunderfuck Interview

This Summer I was trawling the web and I discovered a track that made me excited,laugh and share with my partner who,it just plain confused. The song was 'Trannies Are Fierce (And They Carry Big Guns)' and the damsel behind the track was non other than Alaska Thunderfuck. The American queen with the big platinum hair,big outfits and lots to say. 
So I decided I had to interview her! . . . 

1 ) With a name like Alaska Thunderfuck its safe to say that from the get go your no ordinary queen. How would you describe yourself?

It's true-- I am no ordinary queen.  I'm from outer space, I have supernatural magic powers, and I also have the thickest, longest, fullest natural blonde hair of anyone on this planet Earth.  That being said, at the end of the day, I'm really just a simple girl who enjoys what all drag queens enjoy:  drugs, drinking, and Misty Slim 120s.   

2 ) I love a queen that likes to set outside of the tranny box, and your style is great, what inspires the Alaska look?

People tell me I look just like the love child of Divine and Britney Spears-- and I agree with them!  I'm inspired by marijuana, beauty, glamour, magic, and beauty.  The key to staying so slim and gorgeous is having regular bowel movements 2 to 3 times per day.     

3 ) Growing up were you always attracted to playing different characters and experimenting with looks?

When I was young I would dress up in my grandmother's tennis dresses and fur hats and model in the living room, and my father would call me Justina.  After years of therapy and fits of deep psychosis I feel I've come out on top-- and fortunately the tennis dresses still fit!

4 ) Your responsible for the brilliant 'Trannies Are Fierce' (which I will link here for download) tell me a little about the track and are you interested in making more songs ?

I wrote "Trannies are Fierce (and They Carry Big Guns)" when I was living in Los Angeles, and I've since written dozens, maybe even hundreds of songs.  Being made and produced on my own Dell Laptop, however, most of them are so un-listenable that they've never seen the light of day.  But maybe one day, such hits as "I Don't Know What is What, But I Want to Eat His Butt," "One, Two, Three Dicks is Not Enough For Me," and "AIDS (Angel In Devil's Shoes)" just might see the light of day!  
5 ) As a performer and artist what and who inspires your performances ?

When I first went to a drag show when I was 18 years old, I thought the queens were gorgeous-- and by gorgeous I mean not that gorgeous.  But I was mortified that they weren't singing their own songs or lyrics.  "What is LIP-SYNCING?!" I cried, drowning my shock and sorrow in Long Island iced tea.  While I still haven't figured out just what lip-syncing is, I've become insistent upon singing live whenever possible.  And if the venue doesn't have a working microphone available, I simply shout at the audience until they hand me dollar bills. 

6 ) I know you work closely with Sharon Needles, are their any other performers whom you admire and why?

I'm fortunate to be a part of the finest drag house the world over, "The Haus of Haunt."  I'm perpetually inspired by such thrilling house monsters as Veruca la'Piranha, Cherri Baum, Amy Vodkahaus, and of course Sharon Needles.  These ghouls keep me spooked, and we all have faces worthy of haunting a house.  

7 ) You have spoken many times about auditioning for Rupaul's Drag Race and their are rumours that this could be your year ... any comment on this?

At present I have been relegated to the position of the Susan Lucci of Drag Race-- always a bridesmaid, never a bride as the Bible says.  But my aims are constant and my resolve is unwavering.  I'm sure by season 18 I'll be on Drag Race-- I have no doubt!  

8 ) Do you think that 'Drag Race' is lacking any types of queens and if so do you think you could bring something different? 

I'm shocked that no one on the show has a full head of naturally platinum blonde hair like I do.  Why must they all wear wigs?!  WHY?! 

9 ) What is the drag scene like in your hometown and was it easy or difficult to make a mark there?

My hometown of Erie, Pennsylvania has a burgeoning drag scene but I have yet to make a mark there.  Maybe next Thanksgiving I'll do a show and give them all a little thrill... 

10 ) What are your plans for the rest of the year and what will Christmas be like at the Thunderfuck household?

Christmas Eve is a time when we look at the Christmas lights, and talk about the day tomorrow.  I'll put the twins down shortly thereafter, but I've given up on trying to get Sharon to go to bed early on Christmas Eve-- she's too excited!  We receive many gifts from fans all around the world, and it wouldn't be fair to give them away to charities.  But Sharon's gifts from Santa she doesn't get to open all at once.  She can open only one-- the rest she has to earn throughout the year by staying on her good behavior.

To grab a free download of 'Trannies Are Fierce (Carry Big Guns)' click here ....  http://www.alaskathunderfuck.com/trannies.html & Visit Alaska on Facebook for more!

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  1. I want to be in Alaska. I want Alaska in me. So big. The biggest of the USA!