Monday, December 12, 2011

Drew Droege (Chloe) Interview

Drew Droege is a successful actor who in the last few years has become a major online phenomenon thanks to his character 'Chloe' (based on It girl Chloe Sevigny). This year he was picked as one of OUT Magazine's OUT 100 and has a series of films and shows lined up. 

1 - Growing up, were you always acting and playing different characters ?

 As a kid, our dad would play all of these different characters around the house.  Wigs, crazy glasses, horrible accents - all normal in the Droege household.  I started doing community theatre when I was in high school in North Carolina.

2 - You said before that you wanted to be a serious actor but you have become a major comedic talent, was the foray into comedy intentional?

 Not at all!  I tried to do lots of drama when I was younger, and I always got laughs - I used to get so upset about it.  And then I realized that I should do comedy - it's easier for me.  I still don't consider myself a comedian, as much as an actor who does comedy.  I want to be honest and real - that's more challenging and interesting to me.

3 - Your best known for your Chloe character, what was it about Chloe that made you begin parodying her? 

Another happy accident.  Several years ago, I looked in the mirror and realized that I looked like her.  Then I read an interview with her, and she was referencing all of these insane, bizarre people and labels.  I find her to be both fascinating and a little bit ridiculous - she's so much cooler than I am!

4 - At this stage the Chloe character seems to have taken on a life of its own, do you have any more plans for her?

 I don't really know what's next for my Chloe.  I'd love to do a video with the real Chloe.  I love playing her and living in her world, so I will continue to make videos and do live appearances as long as I can.  

5 - Chloe has such a strong following within the LGBT community and you were chosen as one of Out's Out100 , why do you think this is? Besides the fact that were a cruel bunch.

 I never intended for my Chloe character to reach such heights - it was just something I did at comedy shows that sometimes went well and often times just confused people.  So, I'm so touched that people like her so much.  I think I have success with her because I like her - she's fun to play - I'm not judging or hating on Chloe Sevigny.  The real Chloe's been an icon in the gay community for years - she makes great, indie queer films, she loves to play around with gender, she's a fashion maven... so put a man in that dress, and bang!  I was so honored to be in Out this year -that kind of took my breath away.

6 - Chloe mentions some of the strangest labels around ... do you have a love of fashion yourself? or just a love for finding strange things?

 I love words and specific information.  I also find people's need to name-drop to be hilarious.  I don't really know much about fashion.  But I love people who talk about "important clothing" and "relevant food" and "admirable celebrity" - what the fuck does any of that mean?  haha.

7 - Do you have any other characters or plans to create more? 

Yeah, I do lots of characters on my podcast, Glitter In The Garbage, every week.  I also do impressions of Tanya Roberts, Karen Black, Jeremy Irons, and lots of original characters.  I'm working on several different things right now - my interest is more in playing real people who look and sound like me, yet have a totally different point of view.  

8 - What are your plans for the rest of the year and where can we see more of your work? 

Well, the holidays are in our laps, so I'm mainly eating and drinking deliciously awful things right now.  You can follow me on twitter and facebook - I always put my new vids up there.  I have some movies coming out next year- "Freak Dance", "Sassy Pants", and I'm in the new "Eating Out" movie ("Drama Camp", which you can get on DVD right now).

AT THAT MOMENT CHLOE Stormed into the room and DEMANDED the name of my sugar sculptress! After telling her to ring Kelly Osbourne for such information she then demanded I ask Drew to leave and have her finish the interview ..
1 - Good Evening Chloe ... Can we please have your advice on the must haves for Christmas? 

Good evening, Evin.  It's recently come to my attention that for holiday, I desire galoshes, glockenspiel, and a quiet room.  

2The Eternal Question: Harmony Korine or Vincent Gallo?  


3 - Will you ever re-friend Joan London?   

Oh, you haven't heard?  We reconnected at the tri-monthly Grenache Grape Stomp in North Albania, sponsored by Anacin, Tillamook Cheddar, and Kenneth Cole.  

4 - When shall we be seeing you again Chloe,its been too long!

 I'm slumbering, experiencing, and waiting for important information to come to my attention.  

5 - How shall you be spending your New Year? 

In the arms of Miranda July, whispering untranslatable humor into each other's aural cavities, wearing nothing but Vivianne Westwood Gold Label, drunk on freshly rendered meat.  Happy Anniversary, Year.

Chloe left us with this digital artwork . . .

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