Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tammie Brown Interview

With Rupaul's Drag Race Season Four Premiering on Monday I caught up with one of the most original contestants in the shows history. Tammie Brown first appeared in Season 1 and stood out for her quirky and original act. She later appeared in Season 1 of Rupaul's Drag U and has gone on to release an album and perform all over America.

1 - Your style of drag is very your own, there is an evident influence of old hollywood glamour mixed with comedic drag. Who and what has inspred your look and act over the years?

Tina Turner and Josephine Baker and the old Hollywood look just came along when I took my makeup classes back in college.

2 - Growing up were you a creative kid? Where you always attracted to dressing up and portraying different characters?

Yes, I loved art and excelled in art classes, and I often got kicked out of class for being a class clown! And I remember when I was a kid for Halloween I always wanted to be a witch.

3 - When did you first discover the world of drag and when did you first perform?

My first drag troop I saw was the Pink Leg Girls I was about 12 years old and then also I would see the drag queens on talk shows and I was ecstatic. And I first started performing in high school in the talent shows and plays.

4 - Looking back, how would you say your style and act has evolved since your debut show?

Now I have my own music for one, I make most of my own wigs, have been able to be photographed by some of the most talented photographers and have been given designer dresses. I am so grateful.

5 – You  came to worldwide fame after starring in Rupaul's Drag Race Rupaul's Drag U. How do you feel about these experiences now?

 I like having the fan'z and all the new friends around the globe and it’s also encouraging that I am able to touch and encourage so many people’s lives by doing what truly makes me happy. What a dream! And it can happen to you! 

6 - You released an album,'Popcorn' on Itunes and have since released a few music videos . Your sound is very different to the typical drag music route. What inspired the album and sound?

My music is inspired by my friends and the time and the people, places and things...whatever...I have a new song and video coming out "Love Pinata" Its a dance number. Can't wait for you all to see it!

7 - Have you more plans for new music and do you always sing live or do you like to mix it with the lip synching as well?

I am working on a live stage show with Kelly Mantle, please google her. And more new songs in Spanish for the Latin market. You can also see my annual "Holiday Sparkle" Concert, which the video is on YouTube.

8 - You have probably seen the new girls on Drag Race, they really seem to be pushing the androgynous look this year. What do you make of the new line up?

I love Sharron Needles, she's the best! A real zipper! I have known Chad Michaels for many a years now, she"ll bring it on! And cheers to the rest of the girls! Ride that rainbow!

9 - What are your plans and goals for the new year?

Well, for the New Year, as I mentioned, I am working on all new music videos and I'm working on a gallery show I am putting together with Dusti Cunningham of my photos over the past 7 years and featured artists.

10 - Where can people see and hear from you for more?

If you would like to find me you can go to, Itunes for my music, YouTube for videos and connect with me in your fantasies!

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