Monday, August 13, 2012

Cinnamon Girl Interview

Last month UK based artist Cinnamon Girl released her third video outing, ´Devil In Me´, an explosion of synth pop delight, bright colourful visuals and quirky fashion ... the ingredients for a great pop video. Delighting critics and picking up many fans along the way, Cinnamon Girl is tipped for big success this year. I caught up with the new musical darling for a chat on music,fashion and what lies ahead.

For those not in the know, introduce yourself to the world!

I´m Cinnamon Girl, wannabe superhero and synth pop stress!

Your third music video ´Devil In Me´ was recently released to acclaim from both critics and fans. What inspired the track and video?

The song is about being yourself and not letting people dictate who you should be. It´s about believing in your gut feeling, especially in a relationship. It´s also about not being perfect and being happy with that.

The video is basically me just showing off! ha ha ha! The lovely director Joanna Dudderidge came up with the Mondrain theme to capture that. I´m very proud of what we achieved with just a few friends working together with no budget.

The styling in the campaign is fantastic! What Inspires your style and where do you generally hunt for your pieces?

Thank You! I make a lot of the clothes myself and buy a lot of vintage too. I like to find new young designers that are doing bold and different things.  I have a great styling, Heather Falconer, who is in tune with my style. We basically like all the same stuff, so sourcing things in an entirely painless process. I just like to have fun with it. I tend not to take it too seriously.

Listening to your tracks, you seem to really know your way around a pop track. When did you start writing?

Thanks! I´ve been writing songs my whole life. I wrote my first song down on paper with accompanying chords etc when I was twelve. I had literally just started to play the guitar. I even had to learn a new chord to finish the middle eight and finish the song.

Musically, who inspires your tracks and who has influenced you over the years?

I´m inspired by life events big and small. With music its all about the strength of the song writing for me. I will listen to any genre if the song is good. I´m obviously inspired by 80´s electro, New Wave, and 90´s dance. But there is a little Punk and Grunge in there too.

There is a great online buzz about you now which is a great stepping stone in the music industry, what are you plans for the rest of the year?

I´m so excited about the buzz and so grateful to the people taking an interest! I´d like someone to now give me a gazillion dollars so I can go make an album please! Ha HA!

I think what is important to note here is like many other artists, Cinnamon Girl is independent, therefore free to grow indepedently.  But because of the lack of funding, she will, like many others, depend on support from fans. An interesting turn in the music industry, there is an almost Pic´N´Mix style where you can find,pick and buy into your favourite artist. And Cinnamon Girl is one choice I would fill a bag of,and urge you to do the same.

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