Sunday, April 28, 2013

Rebecca & Fiona Interview

Swedish DJ duo Rebecca and Fiona have been causing a stir in Europe and America over the last two years for their bold music and fashion choices. The girls are constantly touring and performing around the world, setting fashion trends in their native Sweden and even starred in their own reality tv show. After seeing their videos for 'Dance' and 'Jane Doe' I had to track down the girls for an interview.

1 - Hello Girls! You've just toured North America, how was it?
We actually just got home! But it has been amazing! One of the best tours we’ve done so far! We are working on new music and will be touring all summer and we have a new residency at Marquee in Vegas!

2 - How are the American fans reacting to your shows?
Oh they seem excited to hear some music they’ve never heard before and we think they like the very hard, not so commercial stuff!! 

3 - Your video for the single,'Dance' is my favourite. Fantastic video and very dark! What inspired the video and the story for it?
Thank you so much! The video was directed "in action", without any preparations from our side. The director Laerke Hortoni didn’t want us to know anything before to get our natural expressions. This was pretty scary for us two who always want to control everything, but we trusted her and that we are very happy with now. It was extremely cold so we were mostly thinking about surviving and keeping the film team alive. 

4 - All your music videos have such strong imagery, from the doll house in 'Jane Doe', to the masks of 'Dance', where do you draw inspiration from for your videos and personal style?
 We have our neve rending inspiration man - Tommie X. He works as our creative director - in all aspects - and just keeps throwing out crazy exciting ideas about everything. From videos, clothes, people, furniture, i don’t know... EVERYTHING! 

5 - You girls have DJ'd alongside the best DJs such as Tiesto, Kaskade and you have toured with Robyn, are their other artists you would like to collaborate with?
We love so many artists! We would like to work with a lot of people and I think we will, but at the moment it would be cool to do something with a band? Tommie really wants us to collaborate with Paris Hilton, but mostly we end up in the studio with our boyfriends Adrian Lux and Carli because we want to spend as much time with tem as possible and it’s so fun to work together!

6 - You had a television show in Sweden, did either of you find it strange having the camera follow you around or did you enjoy the experience?
After a while we mostly thought it was annoying. It took so much time! They really wanted to make a quality production so they filmed for a half a year and our friends and family got really tired of it. It’s natural when they are filming us as we work our are on tour, but as private persons we are not so happy with being filmed. 

7 - Do you plan to bring the album to the UK & Ireland after America?

8 - You seem to work so hard on everything you do,which is fantastic - what advice would you give to fans or upcoming young musicians and DJ's?
Work hard!! You can always learn new things and develop! And stay true to your friends and family. 

The girls new single ' Taken Over ' is out new and you can check out the video below.

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