Saturday, May 18, 2013

Willam Interview

This has been a long time coming! Months ago I chatted with Willam about an interview. When the girl finally made it to Dublin for an appearance at The Dragon Bar, our chats that night involved booze,booze and more booze. My type of girl!  We later got to interviewing and anyone who knows Willam, will know that she is one funny bitch. And that she's been on Television. A LOT.

Willam! The woman herself! What are you doing right now?

I'm gassy! I shouldn't have dairy in front of company! 

You seem to be one busy tranny at the moment! What are you working on currently?

My album is out along with new singles . I'm Also filming 'Kicking Zombie Ass for Jesus', a companion piece for 'Ticked-Off Trannies With Knives' and 'The Porn Brat Pack' opposite Missi Pyle.

Speaking of music, your singles both solo and with Detox and Vicky have been such massive hits on Online,  is this the type of music you would like to stick with or would you like to release an album or single of a different genre soon?

I like to keep people guessing so I probably will not be sticking with anything for too long!

Growing up who and what inspired you and your drag?

I love Designing Women and the nipped waists with the big hair. I'm also inspired by Leigh Bowery, Jackie Beat and the girls in my band TranzKuntinental like Vicky Vox, Detox Icunt and Kelly Mantle.

In Cinema Verite, you played one of my idols, Candy Darling - what was it like playing such an iconic figure?

It was an honor to play her in that movie on HBO and it keeps resurfacing. I was on a plane last month and it was playing on the overhead TVs and I was just like , "wow."Michael Musto and his lensman Beauregard both knew her and gave me some insight on her and it was really helpful. I just wish they would've let me be blonder.

The majority of your roles have been in drag ... as a drag performer how have you found working on mainstream projects? Can it ever be difficult or is it quite the opposite?

Typecasting is a reality! But I'm fine with that. I've worked professionally in drag since my first union job when I was 16. Just came to pass that crossdressing is my niche.I work in mainstream projects enough as a guy. Criminal Minds notably and The Shield too. Definitely bit parts though.

On Drag Race you said you never had a drag family because you never did the club circuit, now that the show has aired are you attracted to the idea of performing in more clubs and developing more of a drag family?

I'm touring in support of my album and songs (Love You Like a Big Schlong, The Vagina Song, Trouble, Chow Down) and have a close group of LGBT friends now that is a grab bag of women, fags & drags!

Over a year and people still ask 'What Did William Do?!' ... Will the full truth ever come out? And was that reunion as uncomfortable as it seemed? Revealations and Phi Phi oh my!

The chairs were uncomfortable yes ;). Phi Phi and I are fine. The night started off tense because there were 5 makeup mirrors and 13 drag queens who needed to get ready. All the girls thought that we were on Candid Camera and they wanted us to fight. As Dida Ritz would say, "Do they want me to goon out?!?" And Some stories don't need to be told. I'm glad I got to clear up the major discrepancies about heroin, hormones and whoring though!

Were you surprised with Rupaul's nice words at the time? He owes you for some good ass ratings!

I was expecting it and decided to be vulnerable. Just call me Abacus 3000 cause I am calculated ;)

Any last words?


You heard the woman. Check out the latest single from Willam,Detox and Vicky below!